Terminal Directive: The Weyland Review

So this is all good stuff, huh? I’m thinking that we’re in that “time in the sun” that Damon was talking about. Especially if the Red Sands spoilers are anything to go by.



Rigshooter Weyland has kinda been a thing for as long as you could chuck a Corporate Troubleshooter behind an Archer and use your Weyland bucks to cause bad times. Then came Will O’ The Wisp, Marcus Batty and the “Uncorrodable” deck.

Skorpios Defense Systems aspires to be THE rigshooter Weyland ID and stands to do a reasonable job of it by dodging the quick foil of recursion, and with plenty of incidental triggers.

I like that they have their own logo. I really like that implication that they’re so murderous that everything they destroy is irreparably harmed and their pursuit is so dogged that it limits the runners from backtracking.


Armoured Servers could be the green Nisei Mk2. You need the right ICE suite, but it’s all kinds of bad news. Archer, Bulwark, Spiderweb, Tour Guide, Hive, Mausolus, Curtain Wall – all good ICE.

The runner’s requirement is that they need enough cards to break all the “trash program” or “end the run” subs in the server. They also make themselves pretty vulnerable to a timely act of Scorched Earth if they go low in hand.

Skorpios exploits the trash with extra value. Titan Transnational will get an extra counter when this is scored. Flatline decks might exploit this for an easier kill.

Graft is a 5/3 agenda worthy of the price. Scoring an agenda this big and tough in Weyland, I want to know that one of my win conditions just came online. High Risk Investment will almost without fail guarantee a successful tag trace on Midseason Replacements or Hard Hitting News. Graft gets me all of the meat damage and tagging pieces I want in a flatline deck. In something like Jemison, it might be Fast advance combo tools.

Illicit Sales, in addition to having some of the funniest art I’ve seen, is a solid bad publicity reward card. Bad pub has historically been tied to making money and reading taxing ICE. This agenda helps you push the corp/runner credit differential even further while you pull ahead on agenda points.

Illegal Arms Factory is thematically a nice tie to Skorpios and Illicit Sales. It’s also the most blatantly Weyland card since Door To Door. Guns, money and the criminal stuff. Weyland has a bunch of in-faction assets that are amazing run bait. This is one of them and the most interesting yet.

It pays back its rez and install cost after a couple of turns. The trash cost is significant enough that it will be a bad idea for the runner to trash this in the early to mid-game. If you’re not jamming out agendas during that time, you really want something doing you benefit in that remote too. Could be interesting with Breaker Bay Grid or Advanced Assembly Lines or similar antics. I can definitely see this in Blue Sun as an alternative to Launch/Adonis Campaign.


Mr. Stone had been teased in Monster Slayer (great book) as one of the guys, if not The Guy, that Weyland go to when humans need to disappear. We saw him on The Cleaners. He looks like a badass. I’m happy he’s here.

I think he’ll slot nicely into Argus Security with their ID ability. He’ll do well in Gagarin Deep Space decks that  play Zealous Judges too. Post-rotation, he’ll serve a similar role to Dedicated Response Team. I rezzed him on an Account Siphon run during the TD campaign and the runner didn’t trigger the run ability for fear of losing a recently Special Ordered icebreaker. Felt good.

I can see him nicely buttering up the runner for an easier Scorched Earth flatline sometimes too.

Bloodletter is mean. Higher strength sentries are great and it’s always baffled me that sentries have been the least played ICE type in most deck throughout 2015-2016. Bloodletter is solidly taxing, relevant most of the game and an uncomfortable facecheck.

Skorpios will make the best use of either choice on the part of a facechecking runner.


The seven Wonders ICE are exciting as hell. They’re ICE I want to advance. The maths is good. I played a bunch of Builder Of Nations through the 2016 store championship season and the Mausolus-Anson Rose-Trick Of Light-ID synergy was effective. Having a great sentry to add to the mix is nice. Previously, Changeling had been my sentry (Shadow didn’t offer enough tax or deter for my liking when advanced) but now we have something considerably more taxing to consider. Colossus is strong sentry that gets more taxing when advanced and meaner if face-checked. That’s a win.

Hortum likewise fills a great role in having an end the run subroutine when Unadvanced and refunding part of its rez cost when facechecked.

If those subs fire while advanced for whatever reason, this is a brutal facecheck, nourishing the corp’s position. The anti-AI advanced condition is great for the game too, I think.

Hailstorm is a mechanically Skorpios card. Solid barrier. I think if they’re not using Paperclip, you’ll probably get the first sub firing a lot.


Hunter-Seeker is the heart and soul of Skorpios, in my mind. Makes me want to go 10 agendas in a 44 card deck so I can smash their rig regularly and send it to the four winds.

Also, I love Dune so danke for the reference. Gonna send my tiny drones into hacker apartments and blow up their computers.

K. P. Lynn is my favourite Weyland defensive upgrade since The Twins (aesthetically sharp). The runner tax is probably gonna be 5 credits and a click for one corp credit. If you’re doing scary Zealous Judge and Mr. Stone things you might even end the run. I wanna understand the name reference and her role in the corp lore too. She seems like a boss.


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