How To: Control The Message

Here’s an almost certainly incomplete cheat sheet on playing better as and against NBN: Controlling the Message (written with some help from Rob [frankbsad] and Shaun [] from the SneakDoor Krew). We’ll post up a podcast about Rob’s experience playing on both sides of the CTM matchup on the Sneakdoor website in a couple of weeks so keep your ears peeled 😉 Hope this is helpful.


Against CTM:

  • Have a plan to make enough money to be able to contest the corp’s assets – really any deck wth a bucket tonne of money is going to have an easy time of this contest
  • If you don’t have a lot of money, mulligan for it – you’ve gotta contest key assets early lest the game run away from you. 
  • try to trash multiple cards in one turn, that way the corp’s ability only triggers once, reducing the tax on you
  • Trash priority (and this is going to be contentious): SanSan City Grid > Sensie Actors Union > Commercial Bankers Group > Jackson Howard > PAD/Launch Campaign
  • remember that clearing tags is still of benefit, even if you’ve had them for a few turns (this will mean the corp needs to tag you again, which is potentially costly, if they want to use tag punishment cards they may draw in future)
  • have a plan to either clear tags cheaply or be able to make enough money that Hard Hitting News or Midseason Replacements become unattractive to the corp
  • use tech cards that could fit your strategy and/or benefit you in a range of matchups eg. Salsette Slums, link runners + Sports Hopper, Whizzard, Scrubbers, Networking, Crash Space, Paper Tripping, Turntable (for un-Exchanging Information), Imp, New Angeles City Hall, Desperado, Bank Job (edit: kind redditora pointed out once more the general excellence of Employee Strike)
  • control the remotes to the point where you can comfortably check for unadvanced Breaking Newses and SanSan City Grids
  • if you suspect an unavoidable Closed Accounts, keep some economy in hand or invest it before it drops eg. install economy resources/hardware, install icebreakers
  • Go tag me if you think you can win in one or two turns


  • exploit the breathing room and economic advantage that remote assets both being trashed and firing gives you, to build your board state
  • learn when to HHN, and when not to (based on relative economic states/runner’s ability to clear tags)
  • consider building a deeper remote in some matchups
  • learn whether your opponent is going to let some remote assets remain, and whether you can use this to sneak out agendas/Breaking News
  • build with trashable cards in mind (otherwise, why play CTM?)
  • consider forced trash cards like Mumbad Virtual Tour
  • consider “must trash” cards like political assets, that have a huge benefit if left untrashed
  • build an ICE spread that stays relevant after the runner goes “tag me” eg. Information Overload, Turnpike, Resistor, Tollbooth, Enigma
  • Place your ICE with a runner gone “tag me” in mind eg. Resistors on R&D (credit: bloth)

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