7 Signs The Illuminati Rules The Worlds Of Android



You know what I show people when they ask me what the Illuminati is? This. You know what it is. You’ve always known. It’s been subliminally messaged to you since birth. It’s  the all-seeing eye atop a 13^13 code line pyramid – and it wants to know everything about you. Running into this is a clear sign you’re on Ilumminati cyberturf.

The All-Seeing I


No, I didn’t stutter, this is the other all seeing I. Some kind of NBN/SYNC super surveillance nexus. This is where it all begins and ends and begins again man. Look at Victoria Jenkins and tell me you don’t see an Illuminati Queen. You need the right friends to make it from model to CEO.

Hernando Cortez’s lapel pin


He’s in on it. He’s in on it or he’s in Illuminati camouflage. I mean, you have to in finance, right?! You’ve got wonder though – how is his patronage of runners serving the NWO’s interests? Their plans run deep and take centuries to manifest.

Argus Security


Oh hey, it’s Chief Slee, personal crush and soldier priestess of the military arm of the Illuminati aka Argus Security and their logo is the all seeing eye could it be any clearer get off the grid stay off the grid run away run now

Magnum Opus


Congratulations, you’ve found a way to manufacture credits from nothing! What’s that? The program manifests as some kind of alchemical symbol resembling the all seeing eye? Duh, they’ve been doing this for centuries. Money is power. Infinite money is infinite power. Global finance could be a sideshow for all we know, but they definitely run it.

The Weyland Consortium logo


They’re spelling it out for us in capital triangles here! Could they be any more comfortable in their uber-terrestrial dominance? (The Board is obviously the council of 13.)

Weyland employees’ subtle acts of worship


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? A tribute to the 13 storied pyramid! Perhaps he daydreams about climbing its ranks to the very top. Every employee of the Weyland Consortium and subsidiaries must be assumed to be at least a novice rank Illuminatus. He’s even performing the subtle INVERT PYRAMID SALUTE:

07007 copy.png

I’m so hype for Omar to arrive. The flavour, art and design of everything this cycle has been phenomenal. Keep up the great work Netrunner teams. I’ve never been as excited about this great game as I am right now.


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  1. Janina says:

    Not to mention all these countless Inside Jobs. Wake up!


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