It’s Murdaaa: Overcoming Anti-Kill Tech As Weyland

With the Mumbad Cycle at a close, Weyland is more powerful than ever. Before going into the kinds of shenanigans at the Consortium’s disposal in another post, let’s first consider those things that would typical force players to decry Weyland at all in the first place.

Anti-flatline tech cards.

They might give The Board pause, but here’s how I propose we deal with them:


Plascrete Carapace/Sports Hopper

There are a couple of good ways to go here. Hardware destruction is on the table, for sure, but I think Power Grid Overload is best. It’s a certainty, and you get to pick the target. You just need a tonne of money for the second tag trace (perhaps via a High-Risk Investment), or traceless tagging, like in the kind of asset-heavy Weyland deck that tends to play Dedicated Response Team/Snare/False Lead/Ghost Branch.

More meat damage! is my top preference though, based on the general utility of the cards involved. You need to double scorch to burn through a Plascrete Carapace or Sports Hopper. To land the kill after that, you need to land a third Scorch on the same turn OR double scorch the following turn. To that end, I’d recommend Reclamation Order for pulling those Scorched Earths back (and possibly econ). Archived Memories + Reclamation Order can get you 3 rounds of double Scorching (and Scorch-Archived Memories-Scorch is a classic early game kill).

Jackson Howard will recur the Scorched Earths with less consistency. Localised Product Line + Jackson Howard, however, will bring up to three recurred Scorches to hand after use. Also worth noting, if you can stick tags across turns (like with Midseason Replacements), LPL can set up a 3 x Scorch turn. No single Carapace can prevent that much murda.

Even better: all of the operations mentioned in the above paragraph are generally useful and most are acquirable with Consulting Visit and (untested) they synergise with The Twins.

The Stylerunner Solution: score/Media Blitz + The Cleaners + double Scorched Earth


Film Critic

Snatch And Grab is the easy fix – shell does it best, as mentioned  above. Sacrificing agendas on the multi-install for a Midseasons is also a viable gambit. Or hope the runner plays Maker’s Eye into more than they hoped for.

Or just use other tagging methods like SEA Source or Ghost Branch.

Plascrete Carapace + Film Critic is pretty difficult to deal with. Sticking a Midseasons early vs Shaper can be really important. Even if it means going to very low credits.


Crash Space

Tag and trash this first. Easy. Buys the runner a turn usually, which is a shame, and at a full hand can prevent SEA-Scorch-Scorch.



Great vs SEA Source. Terrible vs Midseasons. Extremely frustrating when combined with Film Critic. At that point you should probably give up on flatline or wish you were packing Snatch & Grab with an excess of cash.


Muresh Bodysuit

I have never played nor seen this played but it might come out in the meta of the Flashpoint cycle. It certainly takes the sting out of Argus, and other non-lethal meat damage, but won’t stop an operations flatline.

For those playing shell Weyland – you need to exploit False Lead and a critical mass of damage to get through this. Checkpoint into Snare! stops being a guaranteed flatline. But if the runner’s constantly at 5 cards in hand in that kind of corp environment, they’ve slowed down enough that you can build board state and possibly score out. Pretty edge case in the June 2016 meta.


Guru Davinder

The thing with Tag and Bag is: you land a tag first. At most this gives the runner a turn to live after a Midseasons. On the other hand, it makes SEA Source based kills harder. Either way, he’s a speedbump that can be dealt with through tagging twice at most. This plus Film Critic is nasty if you choose Snatch And Grab over SEA Source.

Traffic Accidents here will mostly just go straight to the runner’s head as an acceptable loss or cost them 4 credits a shot at a point where they probably have way more money than you.

And finally, just trash Paparazzi.


If you’re playing classic SEA-Scorch Tag & Bag, consider including recursion and Midseasons (or going Midseasons/Snatch & Grab if Forger gets big in your meta).

If you have traceless tagging/flatline threat, targeted trashing cards like Power Grid Overload and Snatch & Grab become easier to close out the flatline with.

Happy hunting.


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